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Tanna’s first visit to Hawaii was back in 1986.
Once she landed on Maui, she immediately felt that she was “home.” “I picked up a cheap mask, put my face in the water, and it changed my life.” When a friend gifted her with a certification course in SCUBA, she became a bona fide diver in 3 days, and a Dive Master within her first 90 days of being on the island. She took a job at one of the local dive stores and helped with the beach and night dives, along with working on the boat and in the shop. To date, she has 3,000+ dives under her belt.

In 1988, Tanna picked up The Maui Guest House. It was a great place to meet new people from all over the world, who were just as excited about the islands as she was. It didn’t take long to see what the needs of her guests were, so Trinity Tours was established shortly thereafter to provide discounts on most of the island activities while pointing guests in the right direction on things to do while on Maui. Due to the high quality of customer service and a strong “my house is your house” attitude, it did not take long to build up a repeat clientele list that would rival any business. “I was blessed with having my guests become my friends.”

Then in 2009, while visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, Tanna had a chance to experience the lava flow of Kilauea. “I stuck a stick in the molten lava, and it truly changed the way I think about this tiny planet that we all are sharing.” Shortly thereafter, The Keaau Place was purchased so that her friends could perhaps share that same experience. “How many times in one’s life does someone get a chance to see an active volcano?”

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