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[headline]Get Directions to [sub_title]The Maui Guest House Bed & Breakfast[/sub_title][/headline]

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The Maui Guest House Bed and Breakfast


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  • From Kahului Airport (about 20 miles, or 45 minutes)
  • Head south onto Highway #380 Keuhelani Pl / Dairy Rd, towards Lahaina
  • Turn left at Highway #30 onto¬†Honoapi’ilani towards Lahaina
  • Once in Lahaina, make a right onto Fleming Road (5 Palms Restaurant will be on the ocean side of this intersection).
  • Continue one block up the hill, and turn left onto Ainakea Road
  • We are 2 blocks up Ainakea Road from Fleming Road – Look for the bamboo fence on the right hand side, with plenty of parking in front. The address is 1620 Ainakea Road
  • For further assistance, feel free to Contact Us, at any time



[headline]Get Directions to [sub_title]The Big Island Keaau Place Vacation Rental[/sub_title][/headline]

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The Big Island Keaau Place Vacation Rental
15-1435 26th Ave. (Olena Rd) Keaau, HI 96749


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  • As you follow the road out of the airport, you will go until you hit your first signal (intersection)
  • Turn left onto Kanoelehua Ave/HI-11 S/Hawaii Belt Road. Continue to follow HI-11 S/Hawaii Belt Road.
  • Turn left onto Keaau-Pahoa Road/HI-139.
    This is where the little town of Keaau is located. You will find a Foodland grocery store, gas station, a Post Office, restaurant, hardware, a farmer’s market, and some fast food, including McDonald’s and Pizza Hut.
  • Turn right onto HI-130 S/Keaau Pahoa Bypass Road. Continue to follow HI-130 S.
  • Turn left onto Shower Drive.
  • Take the 3rd Right onto 26th/Olena.
  • Your destination is 0.6 miles down 26th Avenue. The address is 15-1435 26TH Avenue.
  • The house will be on the Left hand side of the Street and is olive green with white trim.




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